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ever wondered why there's no [ 3D-Desktop ] for Windows XP? well... now there is :)


[ (windows compiled executable) ]
[ (source code, dev-cpp project) ]


Andrei Gavrila [ ]
Mircea Marghidanu [ ]


Simply unzip the release archive and start VirtualDesktops-HotKeysOpenGL.exe. If you wish to compile the source, you either need to get [ upx ] and place it in the top folder of the source code or you need to comment the line calling upx.exe (in Makefile-all-after.mak).

to switch desktops, press CTRL + ALT + Fn, where n is the number of the desktop you wish to switch to.


VirtualDesktops-HotKeysGL.exe [--desktops=n]

n is the number of virtual desktops requested. can't be higher than 8 and the default value is 4.

notes / todo

before the first switch from a desktop, no screenshot for that desktop is available, therefor the texture for that desktop is black. after switching away from that desktop, a screenshot is taken and the texture will be available.


VirtualDesktops-HotKeysOpenGL-2007.02.18-10.25-Zoom-Small.jpg VirtualDesktops-HotKeysOpenGL-2007.02.18-10.25-Rotate-Small.jpg